Shady SMS 2.0 23.80

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Shady SMS. What happens in Shady stays in Shady!


There is only one way to open Shady SMS 2.0; Dial 123 or 321 in your telephone and press the call button. You can change this default code to any secret number you'd like. It is impossible to open Shady without dialing your secret code, so rest assured that whatever happens in Shady stays in Shady!

Shady SMS 3.0 was Launched on August 2'nd and is now available for download. Users that purchased Shady SMS 2.0 up to 2 months prior to August 2'nd please feel welcome to email about free update procedures

* The new Go SMS requires "disable other message notifications" disabled in the setup wizzard. See the help menu for instructions!!!

* The ONLY secret messager application on Android with stable and reliable MMS image, video, and text filtering. New support for MMS Video(.3gp)! Read below for important information about MMS filtering

** The Good Stuff **

24/7 email support,; to receive support you must remove(uninstall) Chomp, Handcent, and Go SMS
19 free messager themes
(13 iPhone)(1 Sensation)(5 Legacy)
5 Free contact list fonts
4 Contact list styles
12 free custom notification icons
6 free messager backgrounds
4 Animated message styles
Countless customizations

** Introduction **

The Famous Shady SMS is now available for download again. 2.0 is based on over 600 updates to date and is better than ever. Shady is the most powerful secret messaging application on Android and beats the pants off anything that can be made on Blackberry, or iPhone

If your an old Shady 1.0 customer please email me for instructions to switch to Shady SMS 2.0 for free

** What is Shady? **

Shady is a completely secret SMS messager. It is a contact list, and all messages sent to contacts in the list are only visible within Shady. Unlike the stock messager Shady SMS notifications do not show the content. It is discrete, hidden, SECRET. You can configure the Shady notification message to be anything you'd like, so at 2AM when get a message from Bob's BarBQ there will appear to be nothing Shady going on

** Notifications Replacement **

Shady SMS replaces the stock SMS/MMS notification mechanism. Shady's complete notifications system fully manages all Shady and regular contact SMS/MMS notifications. The stock notifications mechanism is disabled by opening the default messager, and by un-checking the "notifications" checkbox in the settings

** MMS filtering **

Shady has full MMS image/video/text filtering support. Android MMS messages work by first receiving a temp MMS saying "download" or "cancel". Shady does not filter this message because the attachment has not be downloaded yet. Shady waits for the attachment to download, and then filters it to the respective thread in Shady. Please enable auto download mms attachments, in the stock messager, for Shady to automatically filter MMS messages as they are received, otherwise it will just sit there

Audio, and outgoing messages not filtered

** Third Party Messagers **

You must remove Chomp, Handcent, and Go SMS to receive technical support; it is preferred to use Shady ONLY with the stock/default messager that comes with your phone

** Dialer Bug **

Some Android models have a dialer bug. Dialer is a bug in the OS on your model phone. It's not something to fix in Shady's code. You can use a dialer replacement app as a solution. Go Contacts!

** Notes **

Go Dialer must have the Call Confirm setting disabled

MIUI roms must enable "Allow 3rd party apps to monitor phone app" in the call settings menu

** Market Download History **

Use of App Locker 2 is officially recommended to lock down the Android Market downloads tab. Its an ingenious solution because apps cannot be removed from the downloads tab

** Affiliation **

Shady SMS is not affiliated with Blackbook, SPC, Blacklist, Redlist, My Calculator, Private SMS/MMS Box, Fox Private Message, Horizon

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